Digital Retail,

It’s Your Time to Thrive.

The Future Isn’t Going to Be Like The Past

You’ll either succeed at digitization or go out of business, success brings stress to IT that has to be resolved over multiple years


In every category sales are shifting to e-commerce


Workforce cost and complexity are rising


Demographics are changing and diversity is increasing


Aging technology infrastructures are slowing engagement plans

All Categories Are Approaching Tipping Point for Disruption

When a category reaches 15-20% of retail sales online there is a shakeout. We call this the tipping point. You’ve already seen it in books, electronics, sporting goods and fashion. It always shakes out like this:


The Only Path to Thriving is to Embrace Digital Transformation

The big disrupters always compress prices, get hyper relevant and gain social synergies. Want to know how it’s going to feel if you aren’t ready? No you don’t.


Price Compression

Cost Value

  • Price Transparency
  • Consumption-based Pricing
  • Reverse Auctions
  • Buyer Aggregation
  • Free/Ultra low cost

Hyper Relevance

Experience Value

  • Customer Empowerment
  • Personalization
  • Automation
  • Instant Gratification
  • Reduced Friction


Platform Value

  • Marketplaces
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Co-creation Ecosystem
  • Sharing Economy (P2P)
  • Data Monetization

How We Can Help Your Business Deflect Threats and Thrive

We help our clients understand, justify, plan and deliver the technology capabilities that underlie these attributes

We will help you improve utilization and value of your current assets while systematically increasing the capability of IT to achieve the CEO agenda.

We have spent the last 12 years helping retailers evolve their technology portfolios to address existential threats.  And because we are specialists, we can deliver business-driven transformation plans at a speed and quality level no firm can match.

DSI CEO Agenda Readiness Test

Digital Retail Operating Strategy

Starting with the CEO agenda for growth and business performance our industry experts guide and help you define/refine your brand strategy, adopt innovation and diagnose your operational performance challenges delivering a roadmap to win.

DSI Transformation Architecture Assessment

Digital Transformation Capability Assessment

Your technology and store operations are the platform upon which your organization will deliver digital disruption. Our retail experts and enterprise architects assess your capabilities and define what your transformation needs through a process that educates and aligns your business and IT stakeholders.

DSI Infrastructure Fit for Growth Roadmap

Digital Transformation Roadmap

We define the enhancements you need in your operations, application and infrastructure capabilities and synchronize them with your business roadmap. We also plan the technology proof process so you can validate technologies well in advance of deployment dates.

Then move forward with

Strategy & Architecture

We design business and IT operating models and define the business and technology architectures that are required to deliver them.

Then finish with

Design & Delivery

We design and deliver enterprise technology.  We also manage and oversee the delivery journey and value realization that is expected from the investments.

Stories of Digital Transformation Success in Retail

grocery retail

Providing a Sustainable Growth model for Leading Organic Foods Grocer

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electronics retail

Security and Compliance for Leading Electronics Retailer

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Home Improvement

Launching Technology Transformation for Home Improvement Chain

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