We Look At The Problem From Your Perspective

Our Unique Proven Approach

Our approach is packaged for speed and value, has been proven, and refined, over 12 years with the world’s most successful clients


It took most Fortune 500 companies 20-30 years to create the problem, iteration with time-phased experimentation and decision making are the path forward.

Apply Pareto Principle

20% of the effort will find all the really important business drivers, the top value creators. Supporting the top value creators will typically consume the available IT budget for some time.

Bring Industry Expertise

We bring our own deep industry experts to permit very quick information exchange with the business and to provide deep insight into requirements (technology drivers) based on the implementation of similar initiatives at other companies.

Reuse Technology Patterns

Our consultants bring technology breadth and implementation experience that permits them to see and apply patterns for resolving functional overlap, data proliferation, interoperability and duplication.

Value Stewardship

We’ve never met a client that wanted to throw out everything in place. The transformation effort is hard because in-place assets and surrounding technologies require consideration in solution development and transformation planning.

Build Business Sponsorship

By aggregating business needs for architectures that satisfy multiple requirements the overall spend is less.


We specialize in thinking differently, we value simple, fast and pragmatic approaches to business value. It takes a high degree of creativity and innovation to feasibly address the level of technical debt we commonly see.

the competition

They Look At The Problem From Their Perspective


Large Firms

  • Stewardship – Large firms need to sell millions in fees so they are highly incentivized to find big problems to fix.
  • Pareto Principle – Their business model prevents them from designing engagements that cost 20% of the fees and find 80% of the value because the big fees are from the 80% that finds the last 20% of value.
  • Agile – They promise agile development but iterative business architecture with experimentation doesn’t fit their business model. They can’t deploy a small team of senior managers without endangering the team’s annual performance ratings.

Technology Firms

  • Stewardship – Push their solution at the expense of your in-place competing technology even when compatible.
  • Industry Expertise – They don’t know how to use an understanding of your company to deliver a less complex or higher impact answer.
  • Business Sponsorship – Few tech firms are prepared to work with the business to help you justify their product or opportunities which leaves you responsible for selling internally.

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